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Marriage intensives heal

Marriage Counseling Intensives

Lost hope in your marriage? 
Are you in a crisis you never envisioned? 
Is the distance seemingly insurmountable?

We can help. Our marriage intensives have moved couples from crisis to connection, from conflict to communication and from contempt to commitment. 

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Marriage Intensives are designed to remove roadblocks and

propel your relationship forward. 

The problems and struggles in your marriage didn't happen overnight, and they won't be fixed overnight. After all, we are broken people navigating life together

Once we realize we're broken and in trouble, the next step is to seek help.


Research has shown that intensive therapy sessions - in contrast to a traditional, weekly therapy approach - produce greater impact and significantly less relapse. Participants can make extraordinary gains in a relatively short period of time.

Marriage Intensives couples experience powerful change and hope for transformation through concentrated, focused, intentional time. A one or two-week intensive with one of our experienced guides can accelerate your process in achieving lasting change. Intensives offer an opportunity to break down complicated issues and rebuild more efficiently by setting aside time to immerse yourself in a process of restoration. 


"Before our intensive, I felt like a shipwreck survivor floating alone without hope. This was a safe place and the intensive was the dedicated time we needed to explore the hard issues."

—  A. W. from Florida —

Marriage intensive investment in intimacy

It's time to invest in your journey toward restoring your marriage.

Solidify the foundation of your relationship and build for the future.

Why endure another day feeling stuck?

Below are examples of concerns addressed in our Marriage Intensives:

  • we're just roommates mentality

  • boredom, apathy, complacency 

  • poor communication

  • emotional/physical infidelity

  • lack of trust

  • interference of technology/disconnection

  • anger/rage issues

  • intimacy imbalance

Why invest in yourselves with a Marriage Intensive?

  • Extended time away from your normal routines and pressures allows you to focus on the issues at hand.

  • Three-hour blocks of time in a safe environment gives the opportunity to dig deeper much faster.

  • The period between sessions is much shorter than traditional weekly counseling sessions.

  • Assignments outside of sessions with assignments aim to keep you focused on the process.

  • The immersive experience allows you to move toward wholeness.

  • All of this inspired by the beauty of Colorado enhancing your experience.

Your Marriage Intensive is an investment not only in your relationship but in your connection to all of your loved ones and your future. There is no magic pill and there are no quick fixes, however, your time here should be used as a launching point to propel you well down the road.

We have worked with hundreds of couples over the years and have the knowledge and experience to design your Marriage Intensive to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you begin to transform your marriage. 

One-Week Marriage Intensive



15 hours over

5 days

Work directly with one of our experienced guides to walk through your unique story. This process is tailored specifically to your needs. No sitting in front of videos or in groups with other people.

This option is recommended for those desiring to dive deeper into their marriage in a proactive way or work on specific recurring issues. 

Two-Week Marriage Intensive



30 hours over

10 days

A Marriage Intensive focused specifically on the needs of your marriage. This is NOT a formulaic, one-size-fits-all program. Your guide will work with you in your story, developing a treatment plan that focuses on what your marriage needs to begin the relationship change you desire. You will find our process is deeply relational and connected to the needs of your marriage.

This option is extremely effective in cases of personal, professional, and relational crisis. Our guides are experienced in working with people in many different types of crisis:

  • sexual addiction

  • pornography addiction

  • infidelity

  • professional or ministry burn out 

  • PTSD/trauma/abuse

  • marital issues where divorce seems like the only option

One-Week  and Two-Week Soul Care Intensives for:  

active military, first responders, and those in full-time ministry

Call for pricing and availability.


The same one or two-week-long Marriage Intensives are available at a modified rate for those who help and serve others. Not all therapists are available at this rate.

* Rates do NOT include food or lodging. We can provide you with a list of hotels near our office if you would like.


** If you desire, for an additional cost we can work with you to arrange a short-term rental in the Foothills of Denver. This option provides not only a private place to stay but also an alternative meeting place to the office. These homes have a full kitchen, living spaces and individual bedrooms. This option would not include food, however, catering can be arranged with advance notice and payment. 


We recognize that the costs of intensives are significant. We also know that the transformational opportunity offered in intensive counseling can be a life-changing investment in your future.


If you'd like to discuss how an intensive would benefit you and your situation, please don't hesitate to contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Schedule your free consultation.
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