“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves

into new ways of thinking.” Richard Rohr

You were created for more...

Break Free  |  Recover Your Heart  |  Get Your Life Back

We have counseling options to help. 

Begin a journey beyond symptom management​.

Counseling should be more than simply relieving symptoms and changing surface level behavior. The guides at Shamá Collective believe you were created for more, and they are committed to helping you get there. Get more out of life, more out of relationships and change at the deepest level of who you are. 

Our guides are here to walk with you through the deep work it takes to untangle webs of addiction, broken sexuality, disordered moods, past trauma, stories that haunt you or dead relationships. 

Ways we can help

One and Two Week Therapeutic Intensives
Weekly Individual and/or

Experienced guides

We offer decades of professional experience and personal journey to walk alongside you.

Elise Cadwell

Craig Lockhart

Your next steps

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