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Clint Clark - website

LPC, EMDR- Trained/Qualified

My passions are as diverse and varied as the places I’ve called home: Chicago, Miami and the foothills outside of Denver. I love music, motorcycles and hiking, mountains and the ocean, my dogs and cats, sitting in someone’s traumatic story in the comfort of my office as well as treating a traumatic injury in the back of a moving ambulance. This used to bring me a fair amount of shame. Why can’t you settle on something? Why can’t you be happy doing one thing? The true answer returns because I was made for adventure. We are all given a giant map of our lives and the invitation to explore it. Our past, our present, and even our future are laid out before us. We can get stuck in certain areas, for sure. Trauma from our childhood or paralyzing fear of what lies ahead in our journey can consume us. Understanding the wide-open map is challenging; there are innumerable routes for us to take. Some take a route over the peak; others might follow the meandering river while a few prefer the most direct path to the destination. I’ve tried them all. Without question, I’ve learned from them all. I’m excited about the opportunity to explore your map with you!


Jonathan den Hartog - website

Registered Psychotherapist, EMDR- Trained/Qualified

I have always been fascinated with people. Especially with odd people. And most certainly with the ones who tell good stories. As a little boy I could sit for hours and listen to the big people tell “tales”. I am a story-listener, “container”, and storyteller. I love books and poetry – words woven together that capture my heart. I love art and design. I love beauty. And I love intensity. I am mesmerized by fire. According to Chinese medicine I am fire - drawn to the extremes. So I have a highly addictive bent. I have to watch myself closely and take care of my heart and body. It’s why I listen, connect, fly-fish, snowboard, and now run a lot. I know 1stand 5thgears really well but struggle to find the middle ones. So I am well acquainted with shame. And depression. But more importantly with grief. And gratefully…with laughter and joy. And most importantly with passion. I have four sons whom I adore whose mom I’ve been married to for 22 holy, yet at times unbearably painful years. I graduated from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in 2005. I have since had the absolute honor of walking with a whole bunch of wild yet broken souls. Folks who let me see them. To help them connect, interpret, grieve, and ultimately embrace a story and “way of being” that is worthy of their existence.


Naomi Triggs DeBoer - website


I am one of the few rare who had a childhood in Colorado. However, I don’t identify with natives as most of my adult becoming was spent while living in Europe. These experiences forever shaped me to be an always-in-between-worlds, third-culture adult. My heart is always here, and simultaneously somewhere else in the world. I most identify as a nine on the enneagram, and as most nines do, can easily see the validity in another’s perspective. But even more, my time abroad allowed me to journey alongside of people on the fringe of society – the sex-trafficked, the refugee, the Muslim, and the homeless. I was exposed to trauma, grief, loss, and so much beauty through these men and women whom I met from all over the world. My own experience of relational trauma and deep loss, also allowed me to experience firsthand the power of presence. Through this season of brokenness I came to discover my own calling as a seeker of shalom – peace, wholeness, and harmony – with God, community and self. While I’d rather be discovering another country, I’m experiencing newfound delight in hiking, snowshoeing, and soaking in the hot springs around beautiful Colorado with my husband – and we are soon welcoming a baby girl into this world with so much joy! 


Elise Cadwell


Hello! I am Elise Cadwell, a Colorado Springs native, a lover of people, good food, nature, being surprised by beauty everywhere, waterfalls and rugged coastlines. I hike in the Garden of the Gods several times a week. A highlight of my life was living and exploring the magnificent Pacific Northwest for 10 years while completing two graduate degrees. Five years ago, I came back to Colorado to care for my aging mother, who lived a full life of nearly 100 years. My hobbies include reading, visiting with friends, playing piano and other instruments, cooking, exploring, traveling, writing, and visiting waterfalls and the ocean. I also love animals and am interested in equine therapy and therapy dogs. One of my greatest passions is to come alongside you as you do the courageous work of finding freedom and the fullness of life through emotional, relational, and spiritual healing. As a person who has found greater depth of well-being through proper nutrition and lifestyle management, I also like to help others find their optimal place of well-being that comes from a holistic attention to life. In our work, we can discover, together, what may be hindering you in your search for freedom and life. I promise breakthroughs are available!


Amy Au - website

Registered Psychotherapist

I’m a native Texan who took a 17-year detour through Asia with Cru International before putting down roots in the beautiful state of Colorado. I’m a lover of words and images who explores with curiosity the adjectives people use to describe themselves, mines wisdom in Oscar-nominated movies and seeks solace in the poetry of David Whyte. Currently, I am editing my first book, a historical novel on the life of Hagar, with ideas for two more works exposing how the heart of God can be found in Biblical stories of trauma. I believe well-told stories set our souls free because they invite us to exchange of the shame of survival for the grief of powerlessness. In my own journey as an incest survivor, pursuing healing has felt like standing at the edge of a cliff and finding the strength to dwell there for a season. The vista on the horizon is hopeful, but the view down into the ravine of pain can be terrifying. As a counselor and story group facilitator, camping out on the edge of the cliff with those committed to finding freedom from shame is my greatest joy.


Craig Lockhart

Registered Psychotherapist

Bio coming soon. 


Please note: Not all guides are currently trained to provide intensive marriage counseling, intensive sexual addiction counseling or soul care intensives. Contact us for availability.

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